Create Handmade Life – inspiration to craft the life you want

Petra Monaco is a writer, artist + creator, teacher, and creative business consultant. Her path includes time selling art at Festivals and Farmer’s Markets, running a brick + mortar store to support local artists within her community.

She has a BS in Accounting and MS in Mental Health Counseling and runs The Rebels Den Life + Business Blog! She launched the Create a Handmade Life to share her passion for all things arts + crafts and creating a handmade business. Everything arts + crafts related will funnel into this blog!

But let’s get personal

and if you sang that as “let’s get physical” – you are my people!

I can’t recall a time in my life when I wasn’t creating.  

I spend my childhood escaping the harsh reality of living in foster care through art. During my adolescent years, I got away from it for a bit but found myself pregnant at 17 and semi-retiring my party days. Next thing I knew I was on the couch, crocheting doilies and making special gifts for the people in my life.  

And browsing through the crafts store I discovered plastic cross-stitch and needlepoint and my life started to revolve around creating arts + crafts and exploring what I could make next.  

I immigrated to the US from Germany in 93 and my obsession with creating didn’t stop – it became my obsession. And so, every birthday and Christmas people would receive handmade creations from me – personalized cross-stitch samplers, crochet blankets, and custom-designed placemats.  

In 2005, I decided to stop giving things away for free (although I still do) and start building a business around my handmade crafts. Since then my business went through multiple transformations and this is where we are today.  

During that time, however, I juggled being a single parent, going to college and becoming a special-needs parent (you can read all about it here). During my journey as a special-needs parent, I realized that working a traditional job wasn’t going to work in the long run (doctor’s appointments made this almost impossible) and explored ways I could be the parent my kids needed me to be and create an income that allowed me to have the flexibility I required.  

I opened a brick and mortar business, selling and promoting local artists and their creations but within a year discovered that being tied to a store for 8-10 hours a day wasn’t working the way I had opened and decided to close it a year later.  

But as a dreamer, visionary, a bit of a rebel and non-conformist, I found the art of coaching and consulting and threw myself into the work of being a life coach and learning everything there’s to learn (and keep learning about life + business) and launched The Rebel’s Den as a life + business magazine where I am able to offer my services.  

Creating handmade art however is never too far away and I set out to find ways on how to make my multiple passions and talents work. What you will find at the Create a Handmade Life is the result of my creativity. 

When I am not creating or working you will probably find me at a local heavy metal show, traveling to a festival or reading paranormal fiction romance.