A few years ago, when I had my brick and mortar business selling art for other artists and myself, I received a tub of yarn on cones. If you crochet or knit, this isn’t the easiest way to use the yarn – although it would make sense if you are using a knitting machine of some kind. Which I don’t.

Every since I received said tub with over 20 cones of yarn, I had been saying I need a yarn winder to help me make the use of the yarn a bit easier.

Well, I finally did it. I bought that winder – although it’s a small one – it’s been one of those good ideas situations. Pulling the yarn from the cone is fine but by far not the easiest when sitting on the futon working on a blanket.

And so here I am winding the yarn into smaller and more manageable ways to work with it. When I add it into the yarn holder that stops it from rolling around on the floor – it makes working on crochet projects so much easier.

And this is the current project I am working with the burgundy, pink and white colors.

the light pin os for a different project that I’ll be starting when I am done with this particular blanket.

I haven’t decided or determined how big this blanket is going to be as I am trying to use up as much yarn as I can for this blanket. The blanket will be lightweight compared to others since the yarn is more of a bedspread yarn type.