When I first began to crochet I started off with doilies and placemats using bedspread yarn. Most beginner crochet books start with scarves, hats, and washcloth but apparently, I wanted to dive right in and so I did.

It wasn’t until after about a year later that I started to crochet blankets such as the ones that use granny squares. A granny square is a piece of square fabric produced in crochet by working in rounds from the center outward.

crochet blanket in greens

When I first worked with Granny Squares, the squares weren’t quite as big as this one. But I love the color coordination on this one with the larger squares.

Back in the day I was afraid to crochet with black and couldn’t really think that it would look good, but you know this color combo had me intrigued and I couldn’t help myself.

granny square crochet blanket

Granny Square designs are really versatile when it comes to creating blankets. I like the ones that make use of a variety of crochet techniques – like here the squares aren’t sewn together but crochet together.

Granny Square Crochet Blanket in Red, White, Pink

And sometimes it’s just a lot of fun to crochet a granny square blanket that is just one square rather than a ton of them.

The granny square does lend itself to some amazing design possibilities from color combos to how many squares one uses in a blanket. But crochet blanket’s are definitely not the only thing one can create with granny squares.

A peek back in history and even current runway fashion will show you that you crochet tops, jackets, and pants have been made with granny squares. All you got to do is an internet search for granny square fashion and you will see what I am talking about.

But truth be told, I love to crochet the Granny Squares but I don’t always love to sew them together.