Sampler blankets are a great way to explore with different stitches and create an interesting piece of texture.

It is one of my favorite blankets I have crochet in the past is a sample scrap yarn style afghan.

What’s also really cool about this kind of blanket is the color schemes you can create.

My former daughter-in-law received this blanket as a Christmas present a few years ago and to say she loves it may be an understatement.

I am collecting my yarn scarp in another bin to create another sample scrap afghan in the future. One that isn’t limiting the colors but is making use of all the scrap yarn I have.

This for me requires a bit of planning or rather a decision on whether I want to work it in one piece or via squares and hexagons or something completely different.

I do think there’s something really fun about sample style blankets because you do get to explore a variety of stitches.

I may need to consult my crochet bible to pick out the stitches that appeal to me the most.