It all started with creating a wood-burning piece for Scoops and Mischief Annual Scares that Care Charity Event. And of course, Halloween – the month of horror is here.

Last year Scoops and Mischief donated $2,700 and they increased their goal to $5000. There will be a 12-hour charity live stream and a tone of prices this year. is online and that means anyone can attend.

So just what did I decide to create? Well, none other than Freddy Krueger of course. I wasn’t allowed to watch the movie when it came out because I was like 10 – and I didn’t really want to watch it later to dream about him coming into my own dreams – I like to sleep (and live a little).

This was a really great process to my skills and got me thinking that I have a bunch of the round pieces of wood and I could just do a whole horror series, it is October and the month of Halloween.

So who was next – well I posted my blank on the social and it was a toss between Hannibal and Pinhead – and even though it was tied I went with Pinhead.

It may be hard to fathom that I haven’t seen this one either – but 1987 wasn’t a great time for me in life as I was placed into a new foster home and going to the movies was the last thing on my mind.

His goal in the human world? Harvest Souls – yum!

I had posted another blank round on the social to indicate I am beginning a new project and this is how Michael Myers from the Halloween Movie Series was born.

So what’s his story?

Michael Myers started when he killed his teenage sister and then returns to stalk teenage babysitters and kills them on Halloween night.

And while Freddy is on his way for a Charity event, and Michael Myers has already been spoken for, if you like Pinhead, he is available for adoption for $145!

Interested? Reach out to me!