Valentine’s Day is just about here and you can decorate your home with a string of hearts over your doorway or as part of your wall display.

To make the string of hearts, you will need

  • 5 wooden heart cut-outs approximately three inches wide
  • a drill with an eighth inch bit and a quarter-inch bit
  • a small amount of raffia
  • two yards of 1 -1/2 inch wide soft ribbon
  • two large wooden beads
  • acrylic paints in the colors you want

The ribbon and the beads should match in color but plaid ribbons can really add a charming touch. The string of hearts has five hearts side by side tied together with small raffia bows. The first and last hearts have the wide ribbon strung through a hole on each side and a bead strung on the ribbon. The ribbon is knotted at the very ends, making a loop of ribbon on each end which can fit over a nail for hanging.

The first step in making the string of hearts is to drill a small hole on each side of the hearts. The two outside holes are made with the quarter-inch bit, and the other holes are made with the 1/8 inch bit. Paint the hearts with the acrylic paint

Once the paint is dry, tie the hearts together with the raffia. Do this by cutting four 10-inch lengths of raffia and thread it down into one hole and up through the hole on the next heart so that they lay side by side. Tie the raffia into a neat bow on top of the arrangement. Do the same between the rest of the hearts so that all the small raffia bows are on top. Trim the raffia ends if necessary.

Through each of the outside holes, thread one of the ribbons. Pull the ribbon through until the ends are even. Thread the large bead over both ends and slip it up close to the heart. Trim the ends of the ribbon decoratively and knot them. Repeat on the other side to complete the string of hearts and then hang it on your chosen location.