The season is here and people are looking for unique gifts that are perfect for family and friends. There are 9 ways you can market your holiday creations!

Find Christmas shows in your area. Get yourself in front of people because one of the easiest ways is selling your creations at shows and fairs. Find our about local bazaars and events from local community centers and area churches. You should be able to locate several local, regional and national shows where you can easily rent a space or booth and set up your crafted items.

Sell online. There are plenty of online markets available to set up a quick store and get your items listed. Your item will show up in the feed of recently added items, and you can then also share them directly onto various social media channels.

Organize your website. Make use of your own website if you have one. Give it a feel for the holiday season by pointing out special gift items and discounts available (if you offer them)

Know What to Sell. There will be a lot of people looking for that one of a kind gift but it’s also a good plan to keep items in stock specifically related to the holidays. Know what your target audience wants, how much they want to spend during this time of the year, and even what is trending.

Keep in Touch. Don’t neglect past customers, send them a card before the season is over. It will give them a gentle reminder of who you are and invites them to check out your creations for those last-minute items. It also nurtures the relationship with your customers.

Offer discounts. Don’t underestimate the power of a sweet deal that they may not be able to get any other time of the year. Offering bundles or discount percentages can increase your sales for the season because everyone will be looking for bargains and special deals.

Look at the Predictions. The best time to plan for the next year is really right after Thanksgiving because various sits will predict what is trending. These are estimates and guesses but are a great way to plan your handmade creations and production schedule. It will also help to define your target market and that discounts may or may not work best.

Make sure you are prepared. For handmade artists, you can’t go wrong with being over-prepared. So be sure to have plenty of inventory of similar items because sometimes it just takes one person to purchase something, someone else seeing it and you are out of a sale if you don’t have it on hand.

Create an Environment. Draw attention to your booth at a craft show or make your website stand out that appeals to the holiday season.

Everyone wants to have great sales and these 9 tips will help you market your holiday creations. It’s beneficial to be prepared and offer items that are in demand and plan ahead.