There are particular steps I take to set up and get ready for a day of creativity. For one, I make sure I have my coffee handy or water depending on the time of day.

Like today, for example, I am not feeling the best and will most likely work from my futon in my office/studio for the most part. Which means I will be writing a few blog post whilst drinking coffee before either turning on the TV or pulling up Amazon prime to watch a show or three.

This is generally the case when I crochet, in front of a show that tickle’s my fancy if you will. I’m a huge crime buff and often have the ID channel going except for Mondays. I think I may have watched every single Criminal Minds show there is – and I have definitely watched all of Burn Notice, all the CSI’s and In Plain Sight.

Even when I wood-burn there’s either music or a British mystery show of some kind. My favorite is Midsummer Murders and Inspector Lewis and the like.

But I don’t always watch TV shows, I can also be seen or rather heard through the house listening to Music while painting of wood-burning. One thing that is always nearby is my cup of coffee – at least until midday. And my Mason Jar with water is usually not too far away either. Because I am not feeling well today, I will be switching to Peppermint tea very shortly.