For years it didn’t dawn on me to start selling handmade items online. Instead, I would give them away during special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. It started off as to supplement the family income, to support my family, to creating financial independence. And now I couldn’t imagine working for someone else.

I won’t sit here and write to tell you it will be easy, that’s silly. Owning and running a business requires commitment, relentlessness and a willingness to stay in our own lane when everyone is going the other way.

Check out the marketplaces available to you!

The fact is, there are a ton of marketplaces that you can use to sell your handmade items like Etsy, Zibbet, Amazon, or Artire just to name a few. While I prefer to sell on my own website rather than a marketplace, those are good places to get started – just know that the competition can be really high.

Blog about your handmade arts & crafts!

We live in a world where people go to google, type in a few words and voila the answers are looking back at them. If they are looking for something handmade, then the search engines will do exactly that, search, and then return a few hundred possibilities. Having a blog can help you be found, boost SEO (search engine optimization) and lead to your sales.

Get visible on social media!

No matter how you feel about social media, it’s one of those things that can help your business, but you have to be visible on it. You can share work in progress, finished work and even a day in your life. I know some handmade artists who do not have a website or make use of a handmade market place and only sell via social media platforms.

So you can start selling handmade items online if you really want to start building your own business and create your own income. Of course, you could just supplement current household income, that choice is always going to be up to you.

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