I’m pretty thrilled that I get to have a whole room to myself to be in and more importantly to create in. Now, it wasn’t always that way when you’re a blended family of 6 and trying to squeeze every inch out of the space.

It used to be that I would find a corner in either the living room or the dining room to set myself up for all of it. But as I became a full-time entrepreneur having space where I can close the door became really important.

In my office/studio, I have a futon I can sit and watch tv and crochet and even contemplate new creations. But when I write, paint, or wood-burn I am at my workspace.


So this is the space where all the brainwork and creativity happens. On one side where I do all the writing for this blog and The Rebels Den and my client work and the other side for the creative notions. And yes, it’s messy – what did you expect?


And here’s a bit of a close up of my creative station filled with whatever I may need. Now not all of my supplies are there because that would be a little insane. I have different storage for my wood supplies tucked all through my office/studio.


This is next to my workspace to keep a few things nearby and handy for when I may need them as well as some other random things that I haven’t figured out a better space for it yet.

The overall space is pretty cluttered at the moment because I still haven’t found a storage home for all the supplies and tools I received a while back. And I am about to rework part of a wall to make better use of it for inventory.