I’ve been working on some new pendants this past week or so and finalizing the last part of it by using macrame for the chain. It’s really amazing what happens when the internet goes out. We lost internet Friday afternoon and didn’t get it back until Monday. I kept reflecting on what I did before I ever had internet like 20 years ago.

Anyway, I felt inspired to just get some new jewelry done and add to the Macrame collection. As you can see my workstation looks a bit chaotic … it still does as I have another necklace in the works.

This was inspired by one of the many books I have and the three Glass Cherry “Quartz” Donuts I have in stock. The Josephine knot gave me a bit of a challenge but I pulled it off.

Cherry “quartz” is a pink and cherry-red glass material with occasional gentle striations, needles and mottled areas. Although this looks a little more orange than pink to be honest.

And then I turned around and created this one and actually had to undo the one side because I was not reversing the knots and from a design perspective it didn’t look and feel right.

I have one more of this Cherry “quartz” donuts waiting to be used but as creativity goes no idea design has come to be quite yet. I’ll be adding these two and several other new pieces within the next week or so.

Right now, I need to organize my chaos a bit.