Staying organized and semi-decluttered is a bit of a challenge around these parts. Especially when you are been giving art supplies.

I converted old dresser drawers into shelves that hang inside the closed.

The dresser in its self is storage space for wood supplies and some canvas.

Acrylic paints are stored in this unit and it’s filled with an insane amount of different acrylic colors. It hangs out near my workstation.

This is my work station – as you can see there’s more wood, and it looks a bit chaotic. The hardware bins are great for bead storage and hang out right on the desk – easy, organized and convenient.

And since the one side of my office/studio is 8-10 feet tall I make use of by hanging up the finished items – and as you can see have added shelves above the space to hold inventory.

I think when it comes to creating your art and creation space you have to think practical but also in terms of what makes the most sense. I love the idea of repurposing furniture like dressers into storage space or think how I can use the wall space in the best way – and sometimes that means going up.