If it is winter time then boredom is sure to hit at some point. Luckily there are plenty of craft ideas such as cutting out snowflakes but there are some other fun things and activities to be done. And if your kids aren’t interested, which would be surprising, have them do it anyway. I promise it will be a good time. I say this because every time I tell my kiddo we’re doing something he turns his nose up but then when all is said and done he’s had the best time.

Some fun ideas for winter crafts whereby you can use organized supplies such as:

1. Cotton is very useful in making some great winter art projects and if these cotton balls are a bit colder they can even look like mini snowballs. Your child can also draw wonderful winter scenery and then rip them, fluff them and glue them at the places where snow has to be shown.

2. Winter is always incomplete without marshmallows. Marshmallows is added treats in hot chocolate but can also be used for winter crafts. Your kids can take three big marshmallows and then stack them on top of each other so as to make a mini and tasty snowman. Toothpicks can also be used to hold the marshmallows together and also as the arms. Mini marshmallows can be a great fun when snowballs are attached to winter collages.

3. Plaster of Paris is also used in many great ways and not just for winter crafts and one of such ways is to use it to make footprints in the snow. When it settles and dries you can make different footprints in the snow or could be used as the side of fist to look like a babyís footprints.

4. Birds that stay in place all through winter needs food and during winter children can make a pine cone bird feeder. So you need to cover a pine cone in peanut butter and dip it in the bird seed and then tie a bit of string to one of these pine cones and hung it up on the tree outside.

5. You can also use glitter to add so that any basic winter art project looks even more fancy and beautiful.