There is definitely something rustic about wall art that’s been wood-burned and is displayed in your home.

It often leads to amazing conversations about what can feel like a forgotten art. And since receiving a variety of different wood pieces for wood-burning, I am excited to be creating some book boxes, cigar boxes, cutting boards, and even candy dishes.

Just think about the stories this car holds sitting in the field. The roads it has driven on and the passengers that rode in this fabulous car. I can think about so many stories, how about you?

I think this is why I love doing commission work from personal photos and create them into home decor but also memory pieces that can be handed down or be given as memorable gifts.

Molly was a commission I did a few years ago for the owner after she passed. It was her way of remembering her companion.

Personalized Ornaments are also a fun way to remember and commemorate different points in a lifetime such as a new baby or the first Christmas together.

If you are interested in a personalized commission for special occasions, you can contact me here!