Have you ever thought to create a wood-burning from a coloring page?

Sometimes the difficult part is deciding exactly what to burn and at other times it’s more difficult to find the right kind of wood with an idea you have. Sometimes, a piece of wood can inspire your next project. And you can find patterns just about anywhere like coloring books.

You can do a web search to find patterns and while browsing the Internet for inspiration. I came across a coloring page with an eagle and thought it would make a great piece for a wood-burning.

Step 1. Print the image!

Depending on the size of your wood, you’ll will want to print the image accordingly. This may require some extra technical skills to enlarge or reduce the image.

Wood-Burning from a Coloring Page

Step 2. Prepare your wood of choosing; sand it down (don’t forget to do it outside with a mask on!).

Once the image is printed, I trace the outline with graph paper onto the piece of wood.

Step 3. Tape the printed image to the wood and use graphite paper to transfer your image! It will look like which resembles a pencil outline.

Step 4: Begin burning! Squeee fun!

Wood-Burning from a Coloring Page

A small word about burning and outlining. In the very beginning when I was first learning, I outlined everything.

I eventually got away from that because it makes the work a little unnatural and less fluid.

You certainly can outline if you like, and some pieces may call for an outline, it’s a personal preference.

I am more inclined to outline structures and buildings than with animal pictures.

The outline comes from the shading itself. The coloring page was really just the outline and a few shaded areas – everything else would be up to me.

Wood-Burning from a Coloring Page

Each of the big feathers is completed individually, while the smaller feathers on the shoulders are indicated through the burning process.

It is always best to start out light and then go over it to darken the burn.

More detail has been filled in and I have gotten darker on the feathers.

I have several books at home for reference and I find that the Internet is also quite useful in learning how the sun falls or how the feathers look in detail.

Also, rocks can sometimes be tricky, but a web search on rocks can help you along the way for reference.

You keep burning and working it until the piece is finished to your liking. Gradually applying a darker layer to create the effect you want!

Wood-Burning from a Coloring Page

Step 5: Protect it with poly-acrylic. This will help preserve the work you just put into your piece.

One word of caution, don’t hang it into direct sunlight as it will lighten the work over them. And it’s always best to go as dark as possible!