The last few days I’ve discovered new inspiration to reuse + recycle while contemplating on how to set up my garden and began the process of cleaning things up in our yard and around the house.

I came across a 3-inch plastic pipe and thought it would be great to use in my garden once it’s cut on top to hold the soil and for things to grow out of – my plan is to use the fencing along my garden to also go vertical so that I am making the most out of the space.

Which also got me thinking about what things could be reused and recycled for arts and crafts. I mean when I was growing up almost everything became some kind of art and crafts project.

three amigo owls

One of the things I use are reclaimed fence boards from the farm my partner handles all the maintenance work. Like these owls!

But over the years I’ve reused old dresser drawers for shelves that are holding my art supplies in the studio or books in our family library.

I think it’s easy to look at an item and ponder what it’s next purpose it would like to be. I know it’s sounds a bit odd but I this is how I begin most of my projects when I am focused on using them.

inspiration to reuse + recycle

And if you have paper lying like old magazines, catalogs and even journals, there are amazing crafts you could do – like a paper butterfly mobile.

Big Bead Little Bead also has this great tutorial for making Paper Beads! Some of the materials you may have in your home already – check out the paper bead tutorial here!

What do you have around your home that is asking you for inspiration to reuse + recycle. There’s something really thrilling turning something old into something new.